Australians Gain Professional Certification

The number of Certified Disability Management Professionals (CDMPs) in Australia is growing and, in tandem, many CDMPs are also training to become certified auditors qualified to administer the Consensus Based Disability Management Audit (CBDMA), a tool fast gaining ground “down under.” Full story

Hong Kong offers CDMP Examinations

The Occupational Safety and Health Council (OSHC) of Hong Kong joined the International Disability Management Standards Council when it signed an official license agreement to offer the professional certification examinations. Through a Memorandum of Understanding signed in early 2008, the international Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP) certification examination was offered in May 2008 in Hong Kong and this arrangement was later formalized when a license agreement was signed during the International Forum on Disability Management in Berlin in September 2008. For further information, please click on the link provided to review the announcement. Full story