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The IDMSC includes a Governing Board comprised of up to 12 members. This includes:

  • Six approved trademark license holders that are committed to promoting the Code of Practice and Occupational Standards in Disability Management, as well as the associated program, policy and/or professional certification system within their own jurisdictions.
  • Six representatives of international stakeholder perspectives on consensus based disability management, including employers, labour and/or worker representatives, public and private insurers, government and private service providers.

The Governing Board will establish Operational Commissions to safeguard, support and develop the credibility, reliability and defensibility of its certification systems. Currently this includes:

  • Professional Certification Commission
  • Audit Program/Policy Commission
  • Regulation and Compliance Commission
  • Research Commission

In due course, the Governing Board will also establish Advisory and Project Committees to support the overall goals of the IDMSC.