The DM Self Assessment is completed online by the individual (or team) at the workplace who is the most knowledgeable regarding not only disability management and return to work, but also the 16 elements that are covered - for a description of the elements, please click on the following link:
16 Elements.

The DM Self Assessment consists of 39 questions and the respondent will be required to answer "Yes", "No", or "Unsure" to each question.

It is possible to print the questions in order to review them in advance of completing the online tool. Please go to the tab marked DMSA Questions and click on the "Print Version" to download the pdf file.

To proceed to complete the online DM Self Assessment, please go to the tab marked DMSA Questions and click on the link "Commence Assessment".

Prior to completing the online DM Self Assessment, it is recommended that the Terms of Use be reviewed - a pdf file can be downloaded when clicking on the tab marked "Terms of Use (pdf)".

Some basic information is required in order to complete the DM Self Assessment, for example, an email address is required in order for the final report to be emailed as a pdf file. Other information is optional, as will be identified on the webpage.

It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete the questions online. If you need to consult with others regarding specific questions, it is recommended that a print version be used to obtain the data in advance and then entered online. The tool will "time out" after 10 minutes of inactivity and the entered data will be lost. It is not possible to go back at a future date and resume completing an assessment - it must be completed at one sitting.

Once all questions have been answered, the respondent will push the "Submit" button and the final report will be emailed shortly thereafter.

If any difficulties are encountered during the above process, please contact us via the "Contact us" information page.

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